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We have been developing apps for the Windows mobile since 2005 using Windows CE systems. The “original” mobile development platform is becoming important as Microsoft is investing heavily in the new Windows mobile platform, to follow Itunes and Google play systems. In the new Windows mobile application development platform the interface is based on the new Metro design that is present on all the new Microsoft operating systems. Because of its intuitive features, the Windows Mobile OS is a safe, dependable and professional platform that can be leveraged for developing applications for clients with Microsoft technology. As the platform is easily integrated with Outlook and the Windows Active Directory and offers services like Office 360, the choice of this platform is a clear winner.

As our Microsoft.NET development team works on building custom applications for all sorts of web and desktop based system, to work with the Windows Mobile platform is to be on familiar ground. The IDE and Framework are the same in both cases. Our Windows apps development team works across a variety of platforms and databases like Windows Windows Mobile (6.0), Windows Mobile (8.0) Windows CE, MS SQL Server CE and .Net Compact Framework. We often deliver solutions that are closely integrated with other web and desktop-based Net applications.

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Gartner predicts that by2018, more than 50% of the netizens will access the Internet using a mobile device. A Windows mobile app will transform the way people do business. Successful companies are those that will able to provide unparalleled customer service by offering a Windows mobile app that’s easy to use, has lots of features, is reliable and efficient.

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