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Are you looking at improving financial returns from your online site? We have a dedicated marketing team to ensure this for you. To increase targeted traffic to your site, traffic that will generate revenue. Working on the details to increase conversions, repeat traffic as they focus on expanding your online visibility and brand repute to lay a strong foundation for your business growth. The seeds of a revenue-generation site are sown by strategic planning and marketing techniques to beat the competition and attract the right targets to your website.

The gems of our Online Marketing Process

We study, then we strategise
Before we develop the outline for your marketing campaign, we study and analyze your industry and the competition. We study the data from your site’s analytics, the backlink portfolio analysis, keyword research, and the competitor analysis.

A focus on ‘Quality Traffic’
Our thrust is towards driving people who are most likely to buy your products and services, rather than just garnering empty numbers.

Conversions, Retaining Customers
The user experience and interaction with your site decides whether visitors will want to stay or leave. We optimize your website to ensure that there is an appropriate ‘call to action’ as a form to fill or a purchase button, all to improve conversion rates. We also use re-marketing and other techniques, to communicate with existing customers.

Our Online Marketing Solutions:

SEO Consulting – SEO consultation involves an examination of your website, expert analysis and detailed reports on how to fix issues if any.

Keyword Research – We undertake a keyword research to ensure that all marketing efforts are entirely targeted to your potential market to help your business get its deserved rankings, visibility and presence online.

Current rankings analysis – Monitoring your website’s current rankings in all the major search engines, we initially create a list of keywords that your customers most commonly use to ‘find’ your business online. These keywords are then used as the basis for all online campaigns.

On-page Optimization – On pages issues are identified with a detailed audit. Issues such as broken links, sparse content or the need for relevant keywords; if images, videos, and content are optimized according to general SEO guidelines. Fixing these gaps then become our priority.

Link Profiles – For an online reputation, we make sure you have a quality link profile. We devise techniques that attract quality backlinks to your website to give your site the exposure it should have. Removing toxic links that can harm your site’s reputation and ranking part of the process.

Web Analytics – We use Google Analytics to analyze your website, to prepare detailed reports that provide you with insights into the current status of your site, future opportunities, and potential drawbacks.

Reputation Management – Our team ensures that your business gets maximum exposure online to create a brand for yourself.

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