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We deliver the right PPC Strategy to drive web traffic to your site

Are you looking to restore lost web traffic to your site or bring in real prospects? We can help you by devising a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign in tune with your budget and timeline.

A form of internet marketing where you pay a preset fee each time your ad is clicked, PPC is implemented via search engines. And this is how it works. You bid for an ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links. Whenever a user searches for information using your keywords, your ad pops up in the listing. If he clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine the small predetermined amount.

Our PPC experts will leverage on the best platforms to broadcast your ad – Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ad, aiming to ensure your campaign makes sound business sense. That the click results in greater business value than the cost of the click.

Our PPC campaign for you begins with a thorough research and understanding of your business, competition, and where your business stands currently. We then create a marketing strategy that embraces your target audience, and their geographical locations. The campaign then moves forward to setting up a landing page for visitors to ensure conversion tracking. While we monitor the campaign, changing bids, ad – content and landing pages may take place to ensure we maximize the traffic potential in order to convert visitors. Through the process we keep you updated and may suggest adjusting the project plan if need be.

Our Services:

Keyword research – Keyword research for a PPC campaign though time consuming, is incredibly important as only highly relevant keywords will drive targeted traffic and raise your click through rates. We provide you with an exhaustive and expansive keyword research so that you can run a successful campaign.

Setup and manage your campaigns – Our team sets up a campaign by adding the most relevant keywords, even negative keywords to curb wasted spend and also divides your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ones for better results.

Measuring results – Key performance indicators such as the quality score, the impression share and the click through rates are monitored so that we know how well the campaign is doing.

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