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A client in 2008 who just had a website designed and put up by JG Marketing, was indexed by Google without submitting a request to Google. In fact, with the first post, the site was indexed and on last check, the client ranks higher than the overseas principal. We attribute this to the blog and the PR articles we have been doing regularly for the client. The service involves a setup cost of $500, plus GST. This covers the set-up of the blog, the first post costs $120, plus GST. Subquent posts will cost less. The posts include manipulation of any photo used, notification of search engine that a new entry has been uploaded and setting all the necessary backlinks. (Note: photography is separate, if required.) Securing the domain and hosting are covered in the set up cost. Hosting of the blog is for a minimum period of 12 months. For blogs that require posts of more than 5 per month, special pricing will apply. Call us to discuss your requirements. If you prefer a more structured approach to improving your search engine rankings, please go to our SEO Services page.
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