Selling through advertising and marketing communications: more of David Ogilvy

When she was at university working on her Communications and Media degree, our youngest daughter,  looked through a copy of my book “Ogilvy on Advertising”. She liked it and, in fact, has asked to keep it. Oh well, there’s one


The Christmas Season and Santa Claus

Going around in shopping centers, you will most probably stumble on a person in a red Santa suit, with the long white hair and matching beard. And, of course, you would also find the child or children on his lap


Long-form vs short-form content – continued

Part two of an earlier post.We continue our discussion on long-form vs short-form content.

The author of the article referred to in the previous post, John E Lincoln says that search engines seem to intrinsically love long content, “but you’ll …


Instagram Advertising

Here we present a post from a Uni student in Advertising. Actually, it’s from my daughter, Samantha, who is very much on the ball. I’ve been working on a post on Social Media since last week and after lunch a


Three Reasons Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 business owner, you know that marketing and advertising are paramount to your success. If potential customers never hear about your product or service, they will never see the need to buy …


Headlines: another look at what this does in an advertisement

It’s been a while and am remiss updating my blog. Let me touch on a favourite subject: headlines.

I am reading a book on copywriting and the way the author presents this subject is different to other books I’ve read …


Preparing a marketing communication, what’s the focus? Where’s the promise?

Like everyone today who goes to work and comes home at the end of the day, I am bombarded by marketing/selling messages throughout each working day. And, add to that what I work with during the day going through PR …


Running copy in print ads: this is still the way to go

Last week, I redid an ad for an old client, whom I hadn’t done work for in over ten years. This was the first ad done for him in 12 years. (How I reconnected with the client, is a story …

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