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Are you using QR codes in your marketing communications, advertising and collateral material?

I was getting low on business cards, so I took advantage of this to make some small changes. Well, if you consider adding a QR code as small, that is.

QR code? QR (Quick Response) code is a type of …


Headlines: another look at what this does in an advertisement

It’s been a while and am remiss updating my blog. Let me touch on a favourite subject: headlines.

I am reading a book on copywriting and the way the author presents this subject is different to other books I’ve read …


Preparing a marketing communication, what’s the focus? Where’s the promise?

Like everyone today who goes to work and comes home at the end of the day, I am bombarded by marketing/selling messages throughout each working day. And, add to that what I work with during the day going through PR …

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