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Are you tired of your in-house infrastructure maintenance and upgrade costs? Does the escalation of the overheads startle you? If so, the Cloud offers you relief. We are a cloud application and development company, adopting a mature process to design, build and maintain applications on the Cloud. Our specialty lies in helping companies shift their business processes from the client server model or legacy platforms to the Cloud. This by creating compelling Cloud applications and taking them to the market in a way that is both timely and cost efficient.

When you opt for the Cloud, you will be joining in an avant-garde brigade of organizations, service providers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who swear by the merits of Cloud, having tried and tested the web-based alternative to regular software-based applications

Our offerings:-

We can design for you the best cloud-based application whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise. From selection to implementation and execution, we propel you forward on your cloud journey.

Cloud Advisory and Consulting services: Armed with our proven cloud expertise and methodologies we assist businesses develop and host applications on cloud platforms such as Oracle, Amazon EC2, and Azure

Cloud Application Development: We devise your cloud strategy using the SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS cloud architecture for scalability, security, and reliability of your application.

Cloud Management Services: Apart from developing your application, we also continually monitor your ecosystem. We check to ensure your application is performing well every time.

Cloud Deployment & Migration Services: We also migrate and deploy your application on the cloud to the suitable platform, whether public, private or hybrid, integrating it with your existing IT application.

Think Cloud /SAAS Service

  • When you want to do away with manual installations, save time and hardware expenses
  • Access your systems from any part of the globe and on any smart device
  • For optimum use of server resource and lower maintenance costs
  • When you want more functionality added in to reflect company growth and changes
  • When ISVs and service providers want to allow clients to choose any location to work from.

Think Pulse Solutions:-

  • We use a cloud system that readily lends itself to future upgrades for your products.
  • We can implement client customizable features including designing, custom colors, logos, etc., and in content management, the integration of cloud technologies

To begin your journey to the cloud contact us. Our Cloud specialists are waiting to assist you.

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