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For us Custom Web Application is an art

Are you looking for a unique custom web application that will offer you the highest level of usability, scalability and complete compatibility with browsers and platforms? If so, we can provide you with an innovative web application, where each of our modules is designed for a framework attentive to performance, security, and auditing. Our unique solution is advanced by an intricate study of your business as we learn how best to customize the application to meet your business goals. The process of designing a customized web application involves planning, creating the application and then maintaining it. We have developed a variety of custom applications for purposes such as business process automation, customer relationship management, and e-commerce, and we integrate them with other software in a smooth process. Keeping up with the momentum of cell phone and tablet usage our web applications are responsive to support these gadgets. A testing process evaluates their usability on physical mobile devices to check if the application can be used in any environment.

With a library of over 2000 in-house modules including PDF manipulation, media manipulation, social networking, mainframe plugins, office automation systems like Visual Manufacturing and much more we reduce programming hours and improve the quality of our application.

When is Custom Web development a good idea?

  • When it is the only viable method of solving a business problem.
  • When you want to extend the life of legacy systems, custom web development applications can extend it by interacting with older systems
  • When the applications need to be accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and computers
  • When the applications have to deployed in house or on the cloud
  • When you want a software without the unnecessary frills.
  • When you want to automate business and understand customer needs
  • When you want to save time on unnecessary training.
  • When you want a quick delivery. By using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, custom web applications software can be created and put into use in a relatively short period.

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